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Spiritual Life Coach 
BQH Practitioner
Kundalini Reiki Master


Do you feel like you are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

Self Discovery: Purpose, Self-love, Healthy Boundaries

Career: Shift Gears, New Opportunities, Following your Passion/Soul's purpose

A few of the areas we can cover
Goddess Maat

Would you like some guidance and support in discovering what this Spiritual Journey means to you?

Spiritual Guidance: Future Goals/Desires, Validation, Support, Motivation

Spiritual Development: Healing, Discovering your Soul's Gifts, Understanding and Utilizing your Abilities

My Abilities

  • Clairsentient – I sense/feel the energies around me

  • Claircognizant – An innate knowing. Information/what to say just comes to me

  • Clairaudient – I channel messages through songs/lyrics

  • Empath – I physically feel people’s emotions and pains

  • Healer - I guide/inspire the healing abilities with people

  • Pulling/Reading Cards

My Professional Accomplishments

  • Beyond Quantum Healing Certified

  • Kundalini Reiki Millennium Master Certified

  • Chakra Reading Certified

  • ATA Degree in Business Management

  • Multiple Business Certifications

Minimal Title

Lynnwood Washington United States

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