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Hello Beautiful Beings!

My name is Akosha, I am an Intuitive Empath and Energy Healer. My mission is to help raise the Collective Vibration, one sensitive soul at a time. I provide several intuitive and metaphysical healing modalities to help guide and heal those on their spiritual journeys. The more emotionally healed and spiritually aligned people there are on the planet, the higher the Collective vibration, creating a more harmonious experience for humanity and mother earth.

My Story

For as long as I can remember, people have always opened up to me about what’s going on in their lives, whether it’s people I know or complete strangers. I also noticed whatever ‘advice’ I provided, more often than not, resonated and brought them a sense of clarity, peace and/or excitement. It has always come naturally to me to listen with compassion and find the ‘silver lining’ or provide a different perspective with any situation. It wasn’t until I began my spiritual journey that I realized the ‘advice’ I was giving was actually channeled messages meant specifically for that person.

A little about my journey; Over the span of 3 years, I lost my grandmother, grandfather, mother and aunt. All before the age of 15. I spent my entire young adult life WAITING for my person so I could begin the only life I ever allowed myself to want; get married, have babies and be a housewife. During this time, I went from job to job, never taking interest in finding a business career because I didn’t believe I needed one. In my mid-thirties, still single and no children, I started to question everything. Why hasn’t this happened for me? Is something wrong with me? What am I supposed to be doing, if not that? Why am I here? What is my purpose? My childhood trauma, along with societal conditioning, left me feeling lost, stuck and unsure of myself. Shortly after the beginning of this awakening I was fired from my job, opening my eyes to the ‘job cycle’ I had been in for almost 20 years, and I was ready to end it! Rather than doing what I always did, searching and applying for an endless number of jobs, I asked God/Universe/Source to show me what was next for me. In that moment I surrendered and knew that going back to the ‘9-5 corporate world’ was not meant for me, yet I had no idea what else there could be. Long story short, Spirit led me to enroll in college, at no cost to me, all while being financially provided for the entire time. It all fell into place so easily; it was definitely Divinely guided! During this time, I was given the freedom to explore my spiritual journey, discover who I am and my Soul’s Mission and Purpose, through meditation and learning multiple different healing modalities to help me embrace and strengthen my own abilities and connection with Spirit.

I am here to help the people who are ready to begin/continue their spiritual journeys, those who know they are here to make a difference in some way (even if they don’t quite know how yet). It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself part of this ‘spiritual woo-woo’ world or are completely new to the concept. All that matters is you are curious, open minded and ready to discover who you truly are and why you’re here.


It is my mission to help you expand your awareness, discover your Calling, and step into the Power, the Love, the Joy, and the Peace within you. I am also here to help you see all that which you are capable, so you can leave behind surviving and begin thriving as you step into your Soul’s Mission and Purpose! It is important for you to understand, this is your journey, you must do the work. I am simply a conduit in helping you realize your true potential and purpose in this Life.


I am living the version of my best life that is meant for me right now. I trust in Divine Timing. Through my Spiritual Journey I discovered I am the creator of my own world, bringing into my reality the things that are for my highest and best. This is not without challenges, of course, as we need to be challenged in order to continue glowing up. We are never done learning or evolving, that is the beauty of this Journey called Life. This shift in perspective has changed my world, and I am so grateful to be able to see these changes in those I have the honor of helping navigate their own journeys.


I welcome this beautiful energy exchange. Namaste.


Lynnwood Washington United States

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