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Golden Chakra

Intuitive Life Coach Sessions

I connect with your spiritual team, as well as mine, tapping into the guidance they are excited to provide for the topic(s) of focus during the session. It resembles a counseling/therapy session, however, the advice or perspectives I share are Divinely channeled specific to you and your journey. Along with is, I will pull cards to gain further clarity and validation from your Spiritual team.

Kundalini Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of energy healing, guiding the energy throughout the body, promoting the bodies self-healing abilities. As a Kundalini Reiki Master, I act as a conduit for the life force energy to flow through my hands, targeting the areas of both the physical and light bodies that need healing/releasing. 

Golden Crystals

Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions

This modality uses relaxation techniques that allow me to guide you on a journey to receive the answers and healing that you seek. This can be done through exploring past lives, experiences in this current life, or even future lives, as well as, connecting to and communicating with different members of your spiritual team.


Golden Chakra

Chakra Reading

Through the use of crystals I am able to see how the energy of your chakras are flowing and which ones may need some TLC. We will discuss the potential causes and feelings associated with any blockages, as well as remedies to help get your chakras free flowing again. 

All services are offered in-person or remotely,
except Chakra Readings, those are in-person only

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